School-enterprise cooperation, integration of industry and education | The signing and awarding ceremony of the "Industry-Academic-Research Alliance Strategic Cooperation" between Jinlaibang Valve and Shaanxi University of Science and Technology was successfully held!

Deepen school-enterprise cooperation and promote industry-university integration

In order to further promote the sharing of resources among "government, school and enterprise", improve the technical level and independent innovation capabilities of enterprises, and promote the improvement of school teaching quality and scientific research level; on October 17, Jinlaibang Automatic Control Valve Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi University of Science and Technology Electrical and The signing and awarding ceremony of the "Industry-University-Research Strategic Cooperation" of the School of Control Engineering was successfully held in the conference room on the second floor of Jinlaibang Valve under the recommendation and witness of the Gaoling District Government!

01. Communication and interaction in the reception room

First of all, Tang Wei, Dean of the School of Electrical and Control Engineering of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, and his delegation, as well as Tan Shengli, Vice Chairman of the Gaoling District CPPCC and other relevant leaders, had a brief exchange and interaction with Chairman Weng Yuanhui in the Jinlaibang Valve Reception Room and discussed the advancement of the "Industry-Academic-Research" project. , support policies and Jinlaibang development, etc. to conduct pre-meeting communication.

02. Signing Ceremony of “Industry-Academic-Research Alliance Strategic Cooperation”

Weng Yuanhui, Chairman of Jinlaibang Automatic Control Valve Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech

640 (6).pngMr. Weng first expressed his warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the professors from Shaanxi University of Science and Technology. Jinlaibang Valve is currently in a period of development, and the demand for talents, scientific research, technology, etc. is also very strong. With the opportunity of the government's northward expansion, regardless of the It provides favorable opportunities in terms of talent placement and enterprise development. The "Industry-Academic-Research Alliance Strategic Cooperation" between King Laibang and Shaanxi University of Science and Technology will kick off the school-enterprise cooperation. We cherish this school-enterprise cooperation platform and will actively reserve outstanding talents. University talents, discuss together, develop collaboratively, innovate and complement each other to achieve a win-win situation!

Tang Wei, Dean of the School of Electrical and Control Engineering of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, delivered a speech
In his speech, Dean Tang introduced the school situation of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology and the School of Electrical and Control Engineering, focusing on three expectations: 1. Hope that school-enterprise cooperation will strengthen contact and learning, and Jinlaibang Valve is welcome to come to Shaanxi University of Science and Technology for interactive guidance. ; 2. I hope that I can do my best to provide technical and product support to excellent private enterprises such as Jinlaibang Valve; 3. I hope that Gaoling Jingwei New City and other surrounding universities can work closely together to establish student internship bases with multiple schools to achieve industry-education Integrated learning base.640 (1).png
Wei Hongzhi, deputy director of the Science, Technology, Industry, Information and Commerce Bureau of Gaoling District, delivered a speech

1698980318122898.pngDeputy Director Wei also expressed happiness and agreement with Dean Tang’s expectations, and introduced the development situation of Gaoling, school-enterprise cooperation, talent introduction, support policies, etc., and also discussed the "industry-university-research" cooperation between Jinlaibang Valve and Shaanxi University of Science and Technology. "He gave some suggestions, affirmations and congratulations on the implementation and innovative development of the project; finally, Deputy Director Wei hoped to have more interaction, support and cooperation in the future to jointly promote two-way development.

Subsequently, the participating guests communicated and exchanged views on further cooperation:

Jinlaibang Valve Manufacturing Director-He Bifeng

At present, the market environment of the valve industry is relatively shrinking, and there is an urgent need for two-way cooperation between university talents and enterprises to promote industrial development. Jinlaibang Automatic Control Valve will establish a valve R&D center in the future. This school-enterprise cooperation is bound to have a positive impact on the company's technology research and development, scientific research applications, and innovation. Provide strong support in design and other aspects.

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640 (4).png

Deputy Director of Jinghe Industrial Park Management Committee-Liu Tao

Director Liu said that Jinlaibang Valve is a very good company. Now it has landed in Jinghe Industrial Park. As a family member of the company, we hope to provide strong support. We also hope to increase interactions with universities such as Shaanxi University of Science and Technology to enhance the in-depth relationship between enterprises and universities. Cooperate to become bigger and stronger

Vice Dean in charge of teaching-He Zhou

He introduced the situation of the college, especially for those majoring in electrical control and automation, to see whether the company can later improve its teaching base for graduation internships, visiting internships, and employment internships, and effectively implement the "industry-university-research" practice.

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03、"Industry-university-research alliance strategic cooperation" signing and licensing

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The achievement of this "industry-university-research strategic cooperation" will make full use of the science and technology and human resources of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, improve the independent innovation capabilities of enterprises and the scientific research capabilities and teaching levels of the school, complement each other between industry and academia, share resources, and carry out industry-university-research through various forms. Comprehensive cooperation, jointly build a collaborative innovation system of industry-university-research alliance, and strive to achieve school-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration.

04、Visit Jinlaibang Valve Factory

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After the signing ceremony, President Tang and his delegation visited the Jinlaibang Valve Factory and the exhibition hall under renovation, and took a group photo!

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