HC41XЭнергосберегающий обратный клапан глушителя

  • HC41XЭнергосберегающий обратный клапан глушителя
  • HC41XЭнергосберегающий обратный клапан глушителя


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HC41XЭнергосберегающий обратный клапан глушителя
Обзор продукта

Energy-saving muffler check valve, is a type of valve that helps to reduce energy consumption and dampen noise levels within a system. This valve is designed to regulate the flow of fluids or gases, allowing them to flow in only one direction while preventing backflow.

The energy-saving feature of this valve is achieved through its innovative design, which minimizes pressure losses and eliminates unnecessary energy wastage. By reducing pressure drops, the valve helps to optimize the system's performance and reduce overall energy consumption.

Product description:

The HC41X energy-saving and noise-absorbing check valve has two connection methods: flange connection and wafer connection. The valve disc is guided by the central axis at both ends of the inlet, with flexible opening and closing and accurate positioning. It can be installed horizontally or vertically. The valve disc is spring-loaded. Its fast closing can effectively reduce the water hammer pressure. The sealing surface adopts the combined sealing structure of O-ring elastic seal and metal hard seal, which has good sealing performance and no noise when closing. It also has the characteristics of small size, light weight, small fluid resistance, small structural length, fatigue resistance, and long life. The valve is installed in the water supply and drainage, fire protection and HVAC systems. It can be installed at the outlet of the water pump to prevent the return water from flowing backwards and causing damage to the pump.

The main technical parameters:


Material of main parts:


Основные внешние размеры и присоединительные размеры
DN(mm) :400
L :405
D :565
D1 :515
D2 :32
z-φd :16-26
DN(mm) :400
L :405
D :580
D1 :525
D2 :38
z-φd :16-30

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