Автоматический выпускной клапан AVAX
  • Автоматический выпускной клапан AVAX
  • Автоматический выпускной клапан AVAX

Автоматический выпускной клапан AVAX

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Автоматический выпускной клапан AVAX
Обзор продукта

The automatic exhaust valve is a critical component in many systems and processes. Its primary function is to release excess pressure or air from a system to prevent damage or malfunction.

The valve is designed to open when the pressure inside the system exceeds a certain threshold. Once the pressure is released, the valve closes to maintain normal operating conditions. This automatic operation ensures that the system functions efficiently and safely.

In addition, the automatic exhaust valve is often equipped with features such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and control mechanisms. These features allow for precise control of the valve's operation, further enhancing the system's performance.

Product description:

(AVAX) automatic exhaust valves are mainly used in HVAC systems, and are often installed at commanding heights or elbows to exhaust Remove excess gas in pipelines, improve pipeline utilization efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Main external dimensions and connection dimensions:


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