GWXDF жесткий поворотный шаровой клапан

  • GWXDF жесткий поворотный шаровой клапан
  • GWXDF жесткий поворотный шаровой клапан

GWXDF жесткий поворотный шаровой клапан

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GWXDF жесткий поворотный шаровой клапан
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Product description

Bidirectional Hard-touching Hard Rotal Valve-It is developed by the superior sealing performance of the ball valve and the advantages of the butterfly valve. It has a two-way pressure pressure with a fixed ball valve, the use of liquid pipes with fine particles. Practical advantages such as long. The essence is the combination of the structural function of the butterfly valve and the eccentric hemisphere valve. The installation is superior to the hemisphere valve and the fixed ball valve. The principle of sealing combines the front -end sealing of the fixed ball valve and the mandatory sealing of the eccentric butterfly valve, thereby realizing two -way cutting in the pipeline. When the pump stops running and the pipeline water outlet pressure is higher than the water inlet pressure, using the rotary ball valve can effectively prevent the water return of the water. This is also the function that the butterfly valve and the hemisphere valve do not have.

On the two seals of the rolling valve can be used to form a gradient functional material such as macroona stainless steel, Austrian stainless steel, and hard alloy according to different hardness needs to be used according to different hardness needs. With its superior cost -effectiveness, the valve will definitely cause changes in the pipe network valve.

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