Задвижка с канавкой Z81X/Z85
  • Задвижка с канавкой Z81X/Z85
  • Задвижка с канавкой Z81X/Z85
  • Задвижка с канавкой Z81X/Z85

Задвижка с канавкой Z81X/Z85

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Задвижка с канавкой Z81X/Z85
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The Z81X/Z85 groove gate valve is a specific type of valve that is commonly used in various industries. This valve is designed to control the flow of fluids, such as water or gas, by opening or closing a sliding gate mechanism.

The Z81X/Z85 valve is typically used in applications where a tight seal is required to prevent leakage or loss of fluids. Its groove design allows for easy installation and maintenance, making it a popular choice among engineers and contractors.

One of the key features of the Z81X/Z85 valve is its sturdy construction, which ensures long-lasting performance even in harsh operating conditions.

Product description:

Flat bottom seat

Generally, gate valves are usually deposited in the groove at the bottom of the valve J due to foreign objects such as cement blocks and iron metals after the pipe is flushed with water, which can easily lead to inability to close tightly and form water leakage. The flat bottom design is not easy to cause debris to accumulate, so that the fluid can flow unimpeded.

“O” ring seal

Since the valve stem and the valve cover are sealed with three "O" rings, the frictional resistance during switching can be reduced, water leakage can be greatly reduced, and the sealing ring can be replaced without stopping the medium flow in the pipeline.

Helps to drink

Because the inside of the valve body is coated with non-toxic epoxy resin, the inner and outer surfaces of the valve plate are completely covered with rubber so that there will be no molten iron or corrosion for raw drinking.

Precision casting valve body

The mesh body adopts precision casting, and the precise geometric dimensions make it possible to ensure the tightness of the valve without any processing inside the valve body.

Valve plate lagging

"The mesh plate is covered with high-quality rubber, and Europe's first-class rubber vulcanization technology enables the vulcanized valve plate to ensure accurate geometric dimensions, and the rubber and the cast iron valve plate of the ball are firmly bonded, not easy to fall off and have elastic memory. The best labor-saving device and large-diameter feasible galling

labor saving device

The required torque is about 12 of the normal value, and only a small handwheel is needed. Under pressure, it can be fully opened or fully closed. The labor-saving device needs to fully open the valve before resuming the labor-saving function every time it moves.

Material of main parts:


Основные внешние размеры и присоединительные размеры
50 63 145 300 340 180 7.15 9.50
65 75 150 310 350 180 8.25 10.50
80 90 170 350 390 200 12.65 15
100 110 180 380 420 220 18.70 21
125 125 200 420 460 220 23.10 27.50
150 160 210 470 510 250 33 38
200 200 238 590 630 280 45.10 50

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