Быстрооткрывающийся шламовый клапан JM744X/JM644X
  • Быстрооткрывающийся шламовый клапан JM744X/JM644X
  • Быстрооткрывающийся шламовый клапан JM744X/JM644X

Быстрооткрывающийся шламовый клапан JM744X/JM644X

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Быстрооткрывающийся шламовый клапан JM744X/JM644X
Обзор продукта

A quick-open sludge valve, also known as a rapid opening sludge valve or simply a quick-open valve, is a type of valve used in various industrial applications. This valve is specifically designed for effective and efficient removal of sludge and sediment from tanks, pipelines, or other systems.

The main advantage of a quick-open sludge valve is its ability to open quickly, allowing for the rapid release of sludge and sediments. This feature makes it ideal for situations where fast and complete removal of sludge is required, such as during tank or pipeline maintenance, or in wastewater treatment processes.

Product description:

JM744X/JM644X Diaphragm hydraulic and pneumatic quick opening mud valve is a hydraulic or pneumatic source actuator structured angle cut-off valves. It is usually installed in rows on the outer wall of the bottom of the sedimentation tank to remove the sediment and sediment at the bottom of the tank.

dirt. The valve is divided into two chambers by a nylon-reinforced rubber diaphragm, which is connected to a hydraulic or pneumatic source.

Manual two-position four-way reversing valve control to realize rapid mud discharge. The valve replaces the piston with a diaphragm, no movement friction, more applicable.

It is suitable for granular media such as mud, which greatly improves the service life of the valve.

Main external dimensions and connection dimensions:


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