• ВБ3000/ВА7000


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1. VB3000 and VB7000 series valves are new products developed by our company. They can adjust the flow of water or steam according to the requirements of the controller. They are suitable for heating, ventilation and air conditioning series. The valve core design provides equal percentage flow characteristics.

2. The body of this series of valves is made of bronze/cast steel, and a brass valve core and stainless steel valve stem are provided.

3. It has thread sealing pipe thread connection, KRV-3200 is used together with KRQ-3100 driver.

4. Self-adjusting O-shaped sealing packing is adopted, which has good sealing performance.

5. Fluid temperature: 2°C~140°C (15psi/100kpa saturated steam)

6. Valve body pressure: 120°C maximum 1.6MPa.

The main technical parameters:



Two-way valve size and installation size table:


Three-way valve size and installation size table:


Основные внешние размеры и присоединительные размеры
Type :VB7300
DN :200
Type :三通
L :515
H :340
D :340
B :30
a :295
f :22
Number of flange holes :12
stroke :44

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