YQ98002 (20002)

  • YQ98002 (20002)
  • YQ98002 (20002)

YQ98002 (20002)

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Клапан JLB Регулируемый редукционный клапан фильтра
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YQ98002 (20002)
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YQ98002 filter safety pressure relief valve installed in high-rise buildings, fire water supply system and other

On the pipeline of the water system, when the pressure in the water supply pipeline exceeds the set pressure of the pressure relief valve, the pressure relief valve will automatically

Open and release pressure quickly to protect the safety of the pipeline. It can also be used as a pressure sustaining valve to ensure the water supply pressure upstream of the main valve.

force. The YQ8002 filter piston safety pressure relief valve produced by our company can accurately maintain the same safety

Set the pressure, once the pressure is over, the pressure relief valve will open quickly to release the pressure in time. YQ98002 filter piston

The safety pressure relief valve can be closed smoothly and reliably, eliminating pressure aftermath.

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