J41H(1,6 МПа)

  • J41H(1,6 МПа)
  • J41H(1,6 МПа)
  • J41H(1,6 МПа)


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Клапан JLB J41H Шаровой клапан
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J41H(1,6 МПа)
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Essence Features

1. Advanced structure, reliable seal, excellent performance, and beautiful shape. In particular, the opening and closure uses the active connection structure, which greatly improves the steel of the valve stems, significantly reduces the noise and vibration, and improves the life of the valve's usage and various properties.

2. In any position of the pipeline, the medium can be passed in any direction.

3. DN250 or above adopts advanced multi -sealing, double valve petals, which uses guidance movements (can greatly improve the impact of water -resistant hammer), and the medium enters from top to top, which can better solve the large -caliber cut -off valve loser torque. The problems such as running, rushing, and leakage in the filling room have strongly improved the performance and scope of the valve. (The torque of "Guan" is the 10%"opening" torque of the ordinary valve is 3%of the ordinary valve).

4. The stainless steel intercept valve is suitable for the pipelines of various corrosive media, with good corrosion corrosion and sufficient strength.

5. The alloy steel intercept valve is suitable for high -temperature steam and oil pipes, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance.

Основные внешние размеры и присоединительные размеры
DN(mm) :400
L :950
D :580
D1 :525
D2 :485
b :36
f :4
Z- φd :16-3(
H :1030
D0 :800

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